Living with diabetes can be a challenge at times but you are never alone. Diabetes online support groups are filled with people who are going through the same thing and are a great place to share your experience, ask questions, celebrate successes and support each other.


Type 1 Diabetes Youth/Young Adults in New Zealand (closed group)


This group is for Youth and Young Adults (up to 30) with Type 1 diabetes and young and young adults who love and support them. This is a place to share your successes and support each other and offer advice and information about Type 1 diabetes. We encourage everyone to get involved and talk to each other – after all we have something in common. Please make sure your posts are related to Diabetes. There is zero tolerance towards bullying and aggressive/hurtful behaviour/comments towards any members. Anyone found to be abusing the privilege of posting on here WILL be removed and blocked. 


Type 1 Diabetes New Zealand (closed group)


A group for New Zealanders with Type 1 (insulin dependent) Diabetes and those who love and support them! Expat kiwis from overseas of those about to relocate to NZ are welcome of course, however this group is designed for the NZ style care of diabetes. 

If your post starts with "Hope this is ok/allowed" etc, please pm ADMIN first to check before posting..


Diabetes Parents Unit NZ – Parents Page (closed group)


A safe, and welcoming environment for parents and caregivers of children/youth with type 1 diabetes to share, vent, encourange, moan and groan, gloat, celebrate, reassure or to be reassured. A place where parents/caregivers can share with other parents/caregivers - "who get it", who understand the trials of raising our T1 kids. If you know of other T1 parents who aren't on this page/group then please encourage them to join us. We're a wonderful caring awesome bunch of people  :)


Type 1 Supermums for Cure Kids


We are raising money for essential child health research funded by Cure Kids. We also want to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes.

Bernadette is Mum to Finn (9) and Gilly is mum to Emily (8) and Evie (5). These delightful children live with type 1 diabetes. Every day they endure multiple blood tests and are given insulin to keep them alive.

We hope that one day a cure will be found for type 1 diabetes and other life-threatening health conditions that our Kiwi kids are living with.


Babysitting type 1 diabetic children – New Zealand (Public group)


This is a place to support families of children with diabetes in New Zealand. Babysitters can add themselves to the list here, so that parents and caregivers can get in touch with them. Babysitters should list their qualifications and experience, and perhaps age-preference if any, and your location (town/city).


Low carb diabetics NZ (closed group)


This group was set up for those with diabetes, wanting to improve their diet and blood glucose control. It is a place to share ideas, recipes and support to those embarking on a Low Carbohydrate way of life. 

This group supports all forms of Low Carb, which includes but is not limited to:

LCHF - Low Carb High/Healthy Fat
LCHP - Low Carb High/Healthy Protein
KETO - Ketogenic Diet - all forms
Dr Bernsteins Diabetes Solution diet - Essentially LCHP
Banting Diet - Essentially LCHF

This group is designed for the NZ style care of diabetes and control through a low carb diet. 


Gestational Diabetes NZ (closed group)


This is a support page for NZ women who are pregnant and have been diagnosed with GD, or who have previously had GD, run by Moms who have been through or are going through the GD journey. We intend it to be a safe, caring forum where Mums can share their GD-related experiences and concerns, and derive support from the experiences and advice of other Mums. 

Women who join will be screened to keep this community safe. 


Abbott Freestyle Libre New Zealand (closed group)


A freestyle libre group in New Zealand to share ideas and experiences about libre. Run by libre users for libre users.

Anyone is welcome. We screen all new members, if you do not have anything on your profile related to diabetes i.e other diabetes group please send one of admin a P.M to let us know your connection, otherwise you will not be approved. This is to protect our members from scammers. 


Type 2 Diabetes Xplained - AUS/NZ


Welcome to the Type 2 Diabetes Xplained Community!

We are a group of doctors and artists wanting to explain Type 2 Diabetes to people in a way they can understand.

We get that doctors speak a medical language that most people don't understand, and it's something that we need to change. We want to help explain the medical basis of the condition, the investigations and the treatment - but in a way that actually means something to people. So we have teamed up with the world's best story-tellers to put this medical information in a format that is accessible to everyone.

By forming this community and meeting others with Type 2 Diabetes, we also want to enable the group to discuss living with Type 2 Diabetes, the mental health and relationship effects of being diagnosed, treatment options (including new exciting treatments in the pipeline) , as well as diet, exercise and lifestyle changes that you can do to help ease the symptoms.

This group is a place of support- where you can have your questions answered.