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 New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes (NZSSD)

NZSSD is an incorporated society that is open to people involved in the care of people with diabetes. It has over 250 members including diabetes specialist physicians, diabetes specialist nurses, podiatrists, dietitians, ophthalmologists, general physicians and clinical, community and industrial health workers.

NZSSD is the national advisory body on scientific and clinical diabetes care and standards. NZSSD's objectives are to promote the study of diabetes and the best standards of care of diabetes in New Zealand. It also provides the national reference source in the subject.

NZSSD holds an annual scientific meeting with local and overseas speakers and presentation of original papers. The executive of NZSSD arbitrates the award of research grants in the field.

NZSSD produces a quarterly newsletter that is mailed or emailed to all members.



Dietitians New Zealand

Dietitians New Zealand is the national association of the dietetic profession and currently represents over 550 dietitians and associated professionals practising in diverse areas of dietetics throughout New Zealand.

Dietitians NZ aims to ensure that members are recognised as the most credible source of food and nutrition knowledge within New Zealand, and to promote good health through appropriate food and nutrition, based on sound scientific research. For members with a particular interest in diabetes, Dietitians NZ has a very active diabetes special interest group (SIG) as well as other SIG groups covering topics such as gastroenterology, paediatrics, older peoples and public health.

The key goals of the Association are to sustain a strong and active membership by continuing to develop benefits offered to members, to enhance the profile of the dietetic profession, and to provide professional support to members to help strengthen their professional performance.

Activities of Dietitians NZ are diverse and include

  • Promotion of good nutrition through the media

  • Advocating for the dietetic profession and on food and nutrition issues at policy making level with governmental and non-governmental organisations through submissions and through collaborations with a wide range of groups for example the Obesity Action Coalition, Allied Health Professional Associations Forum (AHPAF) and PSA

  • Organisation of a national annual conference

  • Production of numerous publications including a bimonthly newsletter for members, conference proceedings, position papers on a range of nutrition and food related issues, and a clinical handbook for dietitians

  • Providing information on food and nutrition to both members and the general public through the Dietitians NZ website

  • Providing membership services such as job advertisements on the website, special interest groups, position statements and professional practice policies and advice on professional matters

  • Developing partnerships with key stakeholders and industry colleagues to promote good nutrition amongst the population of New Zealand

  • Administration of a number of awards and grants that are available for members for their further professional development

If you would like further information about Dietitians NZ you can contact their Office Administrator at:

PO Box 13468
Ph: 04 4774701
Fax: 04 4774705



Diabetes Special Interest Group (NZDA Diabetes SIG) of the New Zealand Dietetics Association (NZDA)

The Diabetes Special Interest Group of NZDA is a well established national group. It can offer you:

  • Membership of a network throughout New Zealand that can help you communicate with other dietitians working in diabetes

  • The opportunity to give and receive professional support and encouragement

  • The opportunity to share local resources and to be part of processes that establish national consensus in the field

  • A regular newsletter that keeps you in touch with current issues, conference and study day reports, resource development & evaluation, and future events and activities to consider

  • Involvement in one or more annual study days on diabetes related topics

The Diabetes Special Interest Group is working to establish a current register of dietitians working in diabetes. Currently we have 70 + members with an interest in diabetes, most involved in aspects of diabetes clinical practice.
It is also active in advising NZSSD, Diabetes New Zealand and other groups on the nutritional management of diabetes.

How can you join?

If you are a Dietitian, and current member of NZDA, either working in diabetes, or with a special interest in diabetes, you can join this group.

The Aotearoa Colleges of Diabetes Nurses (NZNO)

The Aotearoa College of Diabetes Nurses is a specialty college of NZNO (New Zealand Nurses Organisation) dedicated to supporting all nurses caring for people with diabetes across the age span in New Zealand. Their aim is to promote excellence in diabetes nursing in NZ through the development of clinical practice frameworks, policy, education and research. Membership to the college is open to nurses who are members of NZNO and work in diabetes. Membership is subject to you meeting the Section or College criteria please see here You must be a current NZNO member. The Aotearoa College of Diabetes Nurses has an Accreditation process for nurses working diabetes to become accredited as either a Specialty Diabetes Nurse or Specialist Diabetes Nurse.

 The Aotearoa College of Diabetes Nurses provides a quarterly newsletter On Target, this informative and can be viewed here: 

Wellington Office
Ph: 04 385 0847
Fax: 04 382 9993