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The In My Words Podcast series brings together the experiences of real patients, like Daron and Karl, with the clinical thoughts of health care professionals directly to listeners to create an engaging educational experience. Learning how to manage your life after a diagnosis can be stressful and confusing. The aim of these podcasts is to empower listeners to own their health. Jumo Health, in collaboration with Diabetes New Zealand and Sanofi, has produced a 5-episode podcast mini-series on type 1 and type 2 diabetes as a part of their In My Words podcast series. 

Daron and Karl discuss a variety of topics such as the impact diabetes has on their lives, disease management, how they try to live a healthy lifestyle and relationship management. The podcasts also feature Joanna Naylor, a diabetes nurse and Dr. Rinki Murphy, a diabetes specialist who works at Auckland District Health Board and Manukau SuperClinic™. They are both involved in caring for patients with diabetes and talk about the condition from the clinical perspective.


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Jumo Health develops age-appropriate, educational resources for patients and caregivers for use throughout their medical journey. By working with providers, manufacturers, and advocacy groups, we ensure our resources are available at the moment of diagnosis, during a treatment regimen, or while participating in a clinical trial. With the belief that an informed patient is a capable patient, Jumo Health designs its solutions for outcomes. With experience providing resources in more than 50 countries covering more than 200 topics, our mixed media solutions range from comic books to animated videos, are evidence based and peer reviewed, and pay careful attention to health literacy and educational attainment to ensure patients can understand and take the prescribed actions.

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