Fundraising THANK YOU to all supporters

Look what you did! 

2018 highlights

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Thanks to you, our wonderful members and supporters, 2018 has been an incredible year! 

On behalf of the board, staff and branches, we want to say a great big THANK YOU for your support this year.  Whether you have donated time, talent, goods or money, we remain so grateful to the many thousands of people who have helped Diabetes New Zealand over the past 12 months.  (Annual Review 2017-18)

Because of you, we have been able to deliver a range of services to those living with diabetes, including: 

  • Nationwide access to diabetes management resources and information, including pamphlets and resources for clinicians and educators. 

  • A nationwide 0800 Helpline including website and social media query response.  A high percentage of calls and emails are from people newly diagnosed, or with prediabetes who are wanting to take immediate steps to reduce their risk of developing diabetes.  

  • Our key resource for young children (ages 2-15) newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes - a #1 Pack full of info and resources, including a free interactive toy ‘Jerry the Bear’, who teaches children how to manage and treat T1 diabetes.  Since its launch in December 2017, nearly 300 young Kiwis have received their #1 pack with Jerry the Bear and response from families has been overwhelmingly positive.   

Along with a full year of diabetes awareness activities, there have been fitness & sugar-free challenges, marathons and sponsorships, mufti days and money given in memory of those who have passed on. 

Altogether, this generous and continued response from you - our loyal supporters – has seen 2018 deliver the best programme of services yet! 

Again, we all thank you sincerely for your commitment to seeing Kiwis with diabetes supported to live well and to see those at risk take measures to prevent diabetes from happening. 

From the bottom of our hearts - THANK YOU!!! 

Enjoy a restful and relaxing holiday break … and we’ll do it all again in 2019! 

Happy Holidays, 

Heather Verry 

Chief Executive, Diabetes NZ

P.S. – Can’t wait until next year to give again?  Then please feel free to make our Christmas and leave a wee gift here today!   


Jo Chapman