Join the ‘MoveMeant’ and kick the K’S for diabetes

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Champion Sponsor of Diabetes New Zealand, Anytime Fitness NZ is leading the charge to run, walk, cycle or row 257,000 kilometres in the month of July to support Diabetes New Zealand and help Kiwis get to a healthier place.

Anytime Fitness Marketing Manager, Craig Cawkwell says "Our challenge figure is significant in that it represents one cardio kilometre for every New Zealand adult and child directly affected by Diabetes." 

Anytime Fitness clubs across New Zealand are urging their members to step up for the cause in a collective effort to raise much-needed funds for Diabetes New Zealand with members and staff donating a minimum of 20 cents for every kilometre they personally complete.

Cawkwell adds that "We chose a cardio based challenge as the method for this not just to raise awareness of the massive number of Kiwis affected by Diabetes, but to draw a direct link between exercise and reducing insulin sensitivity. Just 30 minutes of cardio based exercise a day can make a significant and positive impact on people living with Type 2 Diabetes, or those diagnosed as pre-diabetic." 

Anytime Fitness offers a range of programmes and services designed to meet the personal needs of its members. “We support people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in reaching their healthier place and are focused on raising awareness in our communities about the importance of regular exercise.” Diabetes New Zealand CEO, Heather Verry confirms diabetes as being New Zealand’s fastest growing long-term health condition, increasing by an average of 7% per year.

Verry says “The condition affects people of all ages and backgrounds and can lead to a broad range of serious complications, including kidney failure, heart disease, loss of vision and foot/lower limb neuropathy”.

Fortunately, diabetes is manageable (and in some cases preventable) through regular exercise and a healthy diet. Anytime Fitness, together with Diabetes New Zealand is, aims to help people overcome the barriers to reach their healthier place and to effect long-term changes in the daily choices New Zealanders make.

‘The Cardio KMs for Diabetes Fundraising Challenge’ kicks off in July, with Anytime Fitness taking registrations for participation throughout the month of June.


Diabetes by Numbers:

Globally, 1 in 11 adults have diabetes. In 2040 this number will increase to 1 in 10, that’s 642 million people. In New Zealand, 1 in 4 people are estimated to have pre-diabetes, with 40 people being diagnosed every day.


Jo Chapman