Insulin Syringes  


The B-D Ultra Fine brand of Insulin syringes are the only subsidised items available in various sizes and with different sized needles. 

Your doctor can obtain subsidy for 10 or 200 syringes on any one prescription; provided either that insulin is prescribed on the same prescription or the prescription is endorsed as being for a person using insulin. Your doctor can if he/she thinks it is necessary write more than one prescription. Or syringes in excess of the subsidy can be purchased through a pharmacy.

Size of syringe and needle will be influenced by a person’s preference. People who use syringes more than once may prefer a stronger (lower gauge number) needle. If the syringe is being used for a young child the finer, shorter (31-gauge, 8 mm) needle may be preferred.

As insulin strength in NZ is all 100 IU/ml a 0.3 ml syringe is adequate for doses of up to 30 units.

Patients who mix insulins in the syringe may prefer a larger (0.5ml or 1.0 ml) to allow for ease of mixing.

For details on B-D syringes and needles available in NZ, email or phone Becton Dickinson Toll Free on 0800 572 468.

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