Diabetes Management

Blood glucose meters

Your first blood glucose meter will be provided free, by prescription, and will be a CareSens Dual. Only one meter per patient is subsidised.

The CareSens Dual meter can test both blood glucose and blood ketones on the same meter. 

If you manage your diabetes with diet or metformin you can only get a free Caresens meter from your doctor. The models available are:

• CareSens N

•  CareSens N POP

• CareSens N Premier

• CareSens Dual

You can buy other models of blood glucose meters from the pharmacy, but you will need to pay.

The number of test strips available for the CareSens meters is restricted to 50 UNLESS:

1.     Prescribed with insulin or a sulphonylurea but are on a different prescription and the prescription is endorsed accordingly; or

2.     Prescribed on the same prescription as insulin or a sulphonylurea in which case the prescription is deemed to be endorsed; or

3.     Prescribed for a pregnant woman with diabetes and endorsed accordingly.

For more information about eligibility of meters visit Pharmac

Insulin Pumps and Insulin Pump Consumables

Special Authorities are available for obtaining subsidised insulin pumps and subsidised insulin pump consumables. Contact your Diabetes Team for the eligibility criteria.

Insulin syringes

Disposable insulin syringes and pen needles are subsidised if:

  • prescribed on the same form as the one used for the supply of insulin

  • when prescribed for an insulin patient and the prescription is endorsed accordingly

There is a maximum 100 disposable syringes/pen needles per prescription.

A glucagon injection hypokit is used to treat episodes of severe hypoglycaemia, where a patient is either unable to treat themselves or treatment by mouth has not been successful. 

Glucagon is a hormone which helps to raise blood glucose levels

A Glucagon Hypokit is available through a doctor’s prescription.


Ketone Testing

The CareSens Dual meter can test both blood glucose and blood ketones on the same meter.

The following prescription maximums apply:

  • Ketone test strips – 20 strips per prescription

  • Urine test strips (Accu-Chek Ketur-Test  or Ketostix) – 50 strips per prescription

Sharps disposal

This varies throughout the country. Each region has their own means of sharps disposal. Please check with your diabetes nurses as to what is available. Always remember to dispose of your sharps safely.