CareSens meters Frequently Asked Questions.

Since the launch of new CareSens meters there have been a number of questions to Pharmaco. Below are some of the most frequent questions and the answers from Pharmaco and Pharmac.

Please contact Pharmaco at or 0800 4582673, if you have any additional questions.

If they have type one diabetes and are using a CareSens N meter - they are not entitled to a new CareSens Dual meter and told that they would have to pay for the meter.

If people have type 1 diabetes and are using a CareSens N or CareSens N POP they don’t have to change meters but are eligible to change to a CareSens Dual meter if they want to.  A pharmacist can change the meter.

They need a prescription - in order to change their meter. 

Pharmacists can dispense a new meter without a prescription - they generate the prescription themselves.  The only groups of patients, who, while eligible, cannot have their meter dispensed by a pharmacist without a prescription are those who are:

o    pregnant

o    on home TPN

o    diagnosed with a disorder of glucose homeostasis that's not diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

Test strips for the CareSens Dual meter is on backorder at the wholesaler and is therefore not available. 

There is plenty of stock of meters and test strips with wholesalers now.  Pharmacists just need to order stock.

They need to hand in their CareSens N or CareSens N Pop meter - in order to receive a replacement. 

Not at all.  Patients do not have to hand in their meters for a replacement but they can if they wish to.  PHARMAC have put in place a system with pharmacists to ensure old meters are disposed of responsibly.