The Diabetes NZ stigma survey 2018


In 2018, through a month of action, Diabetes NZ raised awareness and encouraged action to challenge Kiwis to ‘Act Now To Live Well’.

We lifted the lid on the myths about diabetes by looking at how common misconceptions and judgement can affect people living with diabetes. We encouraged all New Zealanders to learn more about diabetes in order to understand how to support those living with diabetes in their whanau or community. And we are challenged Kiwis to take action to live well through healthy eating, regular physical activity and establishing a support network to create better habits together which will help reduce the risk of or manage the symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes NZ releases ground-breaking survey on diabetes stigma

We announced the results from The Diabetes NZ Stigma Survey. The perceptions and stigma around diabetes can prevent people from seeking help, support and treatment. We want this to stop. Read the media release results of this survey here.

We had four incredible people share their personal stories and their journey’s with diabetes, the stigma and challenges they face.


“I remember my mum being too embarrassed to talk about it” Check out Althea and her family’s journey with diabetes. Althea talks about the stigma both her and her mother have faced. Learn more about diabetes, and the way your actions and words can affect others here:

“They say, you can’t eat that!” Ricky discusses how stigma was a major obstacle in getting the support he needed for his type 1 diabetes. Learn more about type 1 and the causes of it, here:

“Diabetes is something that is always going to be in my life, and it’s up to me to manage” The Rock funny man, Lee Weir opens up about learning how to live life well with his diabetes diagnosis – starting with learning what diabetes meant. Learn more about type 2 diabetes here:

“I wanted to be healthier for my unborn child” Kayla has had an incredible journey since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes in her first pregnancy. Learn more about what gestational diabetes means here:


Inspired by these stories and have one of your own to share - read more here.

Jo Chapman