Find out if you are at risk 

I am overweight for my height
Physical Activity
I do very little physical activity
High Fat Diet
I often eat foods high in fat and sugar
Family History
There is, or has been diabetes in my family
I’m of Maori, Pacific Island, South Asian or Middle Eastern descent
Male Female
I have had a baby weighing more than 9lbs (4kg) or high blood glucose during pregnancy
I am between 35 and 64 years of age
I am over 65 years of age

Score 3-5: You have probably at low risk for having type 2 diabetes now. However, you may be at a higher risk in the future.

Score 6 or more: You are at greater risk of having type 2 diabetes. Only your health care provider can determine if you have diabetes. Visit your doctor to find out more.

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