Kiwis Living with Diabetes

    View the stories of these inspirational New Zealanders who live with diabetes or who are involved in diabetes communities.

    • Chris Grosz

      Having gum disease has resulted in long-term, expensive treatment for Chris. He makes it clear that managing your diabetes can save social and personal costs…

    • Kay Knowles

      As a child and teenager Kay had perfect dental health. She had such good teeth she thought she didn’t need to look after them. It…

    • Chris Precey

      Chris believes the more you know about diabetes, the better you can manage your blood glucose levels. Consequently, you will have a lower chance of…

    • Reggie Collins

      After changing to a healthier lifestyle, Reggie now uses herself as a model to show others with diabetes what they can achieve.

    • Marice Pouesi

      After experiencing the costs of diabetes in her family, Marice has some recommendations for a healthier life for your children and grandchildren.

    • Graham Brand

      For 67 years Graham Brand and his feet got along perfectly fine. Until 1995, when his troubles started.

    • Colin Lord

      For Colin Lord, a delay in seeking medical treatment for a foot ulcer resulted in long-term health complications and extensive costs.

    • Pam Tetley-McKernon

      Newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Pam started an exercise programme under a Green Prescription.

    • Carmen Fernandes

      Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in February 2005, Carmen Fernandes is taking the right steps to improve her health.

    • Athletes

      A case study on three athletes with Type 1 diabetes competing at the Oceania Track Cycling Championships.

    • Margaret Earle

      Margaret Earle, diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes nine years ago in 1996, is actively involved in supporting local societies and Diabetes New Zealand. And now,…

    • Chris Davis

      Chris Davis made a decision to change her lifestyle last year and hasn’t looked back since.