End of Tax Year - Gift

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In the tradition of tax years past, it’s the season to talk about charitable contributions!

Charitable donations are an excellent way to reduce your tax for the year, all while doing something for the greater good. But as with everything in tax law, there are procedures and rules that need to be followed.

Here are some tips for making sure that you get the best bang for your philanthropic buck!:


  1. You can claim a tax credit if you made a donation of $5 or more to an approved donee organisation where there is no identifiable direct benefit to you or your family. If you're not sure whether an organisation is qualified, you can check whether they have donee approved status here: http://www.ird.govt.nz/donee-organisations/ Just so you know, Diabetes New Zealand is an approved organisation and our Charities Commission number is CC11432

  2. You can claim for any amount over $5.00 given to a donee approved organisation

  3. You cannot claim for any amount given to Diabetes New Zealand in exchange for goods or services. In other words, you cannot claim your membership subscription as a tax credit as you have received a quarterly magazine and other member benefits for this payment.

  4. All amounts claimed must be accompanied by a signed receipt from the organisation. If you donate monthly throughout the year, we will send you one receipt for the total amount for the year. If you have given a donation and don’t have a copy of this receipt, please contact us on 0800 34 22 38 to request one.

  5. Contributions are deductible in the year made so be sure and get any donations you intend to make into us by March 31st 2019. And yes, that means that credit card charges made before the end of the year are deductible even if the credit card bill isn't paid until the next year. Similarly, cheques which are written and mailed by the end of the year will be deductible for this year even if they aren't cashed until after April 1st 2019.

  6. One last thing, the total donations you claim can't exceed your taxable income for the year. If they do, you can claim donations up to the amount of your taxable income.

  7. The maximum tax credits you can claim are the lesser of:33.3333% of the total donations you've made, or 33.3333% of your taxable income. In other words, you can claim up to a third back through a tax rebate. For example, if you donate $3,000 that’s a whole $1,000 back in your pocket!

If you have any queries or concerns as we approach the end of the tax year this month please don’t hesitate to email us at fundraising@diabetes.org.nz or phone 0800 34 22 38 (0800 DIABETES)  

Of course, if you’re thinking “Now’s the time to make that gift!” then that would be wonderful too!

Simply click here to make a secure online donation right now!