Biscuits & Crackers

Better buys

  • Low fat biscuits with <15g /100g total fat.
  • Wholegrain crackers and crispbreads with:

>6g/100g fibre

<2g/100g saturated fat

Good to know

  • Limit sugary biscuits to 2 biscuits a day.

Watch points

  • Iced, chocolate, and cream filled biscuits and cakes are high in sugar and fat. These should be left for a special occasion.
  • Some crackers are high in salt and fat. If the cracker or biscuit has a flaky texture, beware it could be high in fat. Many manufactured biscuits and crackers contain saturated fats. Check the nutrition information panel.
  • Be careful about how much fat you add to your crackers. Go easy on margarine, butter and cheese.
  • Sugar free biscuits may contain a lot of fat and calories. Check the nutrition information panel.
  • Eating extra biscuits, crackers or cake may raise blood glucose levels above desirable levels. Watch the quantity eaten.

Q: Are sugar free biscuits a good choice?
A: Not necessarily. Check the nutrition information panel. They may be high in fat and calories.

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