About Diabetes New Zealand

Established in 1962, Diabetes New Zealand is a non-government non-profit organisation that represents and supports people affected by diabetes.

Our vision: Diabetes: Contained, Controlled, Cured

Our Mission: That every person with diabetes in New Zealand has the support needed to live full and active lives

To achieve our vision and mission we: 

  • Raise awareness of diabetes
  • Provide information and support to help people live well with diabetes
  • Help people at risk of type 2 diabetes prevent or delay its development
  • Advocate for better services
  • Encourage and support research into diabetes  

Diabetes New Zealand has a National Office (based in Wellington) and 20 Branches across the country. Branches provide local support and information for people affected by diabetes.  

Diabetes New Zealand is mainly funded by members' fees, donations, grants and bequests.

Diabetes New Zealand is a member of the International Diabetes Federation, a membership organisation for all diabetes consumer groups throughout the world.

Prior to October 2012, Diabetes NZ National Office and local Branches (then called Societies) were legally separate organisations; however, in early 2012 the vast majority of Branches voted to come together as one unified organisation, and in October 2012 this happened. This was one of the biggest and most exciting achievements for our organisation.

Board Members

The Board makes strategic and governance decisions for the organisation.

  • Chris Baty (President)
  • Patrick Waite (Chair, independent member)
  • Elizabeth Hickey (Deputy Chair, independent member)
  • Karen Reed (from the Advisory Council)
  • Deb Connor (from the Advisory Council)
  • Gina Berghan (from the Advisory Council)
  • Jo Fitzpatrick (independent member)

Advisory Council Members

The Advisory Council is a dedicated group of persons whose overriding mission is to find out how we can improve life at the local level, and better meet the needs of people affected by diabetes.

  • Chris Baty (President)
  • Pat Bent (Vice President)
  • Renata Porter (representing the youth sector appointed from Diabetes Youth NZ)
  • Deb Connor (Lower South Island Regional Hub representative)
  • Murray Dear (Upper North Island Regional Hub Representative)
  • Chris Warren (Lower North Island Regional Hub Representative)
  • Gina Berghan (representing the Maori sector of the diabetes population)
  • Sera Tapu-Taala (representing the Pacifica sector of the diabetes population)
  • Dr John Wilson (appointed by the NZ Society for the Study of Diabetes)
  • Karen Reed (elected member)


Chris Baty


Sir Eion Edgar

Lady Norma Beattie

Chief Executive

Joe Asghar

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