IDF Young Leader 2015

    Published: 15 May 2015

    Congratulations to Emily Wilson who has been selected as Diabetes NZ’s 2015 IDF Young Leader. Emily will be representing us at the IDF World Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in November along with the 2014 Young Leader, Carrie Hetherington.

    Emily lives in Wanaka and is newly diagnosed with diabetes (currently awaiting test results to confirm which type). Emily received the diagnosis on her return from a stint overseas last November and since then has been trying to better control her blood glucose levels and learn about her condition so she can continue to train for and race in multisport and adventure races.

    As an endurance athlete with an exercise science background Emily is passionate about getting people more active, to not only prevent diabetes and help in its management, but also to reduce the negative impact of the complications that go with it.