Diabetes Action Month

    Last November the Diabetes New Zealand unveiled our first annual Diabetes Action Month Campaign, challenging New Zealand to face up to the rise of diabetes in our communities and around the world.

    This year we and our supporters will again challenge Kiwis to Join the Movemeant with the launch of our 2016 Diabetes Action Month.

    This year we have more fantastic visual resources to share, motivational challenges and hard hitting campaign content aligned to highlight the impact of diabetes on everyday New Zealanders and their families.

    Know your Risk  FitBit Challenge  Events 


    Know Your Risk FitBit Challenge Events World Diabetes Day

    The Diabetes New Zealand Take Control Toolkit unveiled this month is a range of more than 60 online materials in downloadable print or video formats, that Diabetes NZ members anywhere in the country can access, offering them advice and information across three important categories – Food & Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health & Wellbeing.
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