Healthy Food Choices & Tips

    This section provides helpful tips on food choices such as serving sizes, catering for people with diabetes and eating at special occassions like birthdays and Christmas.

    Remember a registered dietitian is best placed to help you tailor an eating plan for your own individual circumstances.



    The secret to a successful and stress-free Kiwi barbecue is all in the preparation.


    Alison Pask tells us about health benefits of legumes that we can’t afford to ignore.


    Preparing and cooking meals can be stressful at the end of a busy day. Find out out to be well prepared with casseroles.

    Healthy cheese choices

    Do you wonder how cheese fits into your eating plan? Alison Pask gives us a guide to making healthy cheese choices.


    How about experimenting with some different lunches? Alison Pask suggests healthy choices to try at midday.


    The benefits of eating nuts are often under-recognised. Dr Alexandra Chisholm explains why nuts in your diet are a good choice.


    Autumn is a perfect time to preserve seasonal produce. Alison Pask gives us some tips on preserving without using sugar.


    Alison Pask explains why it is incredibly easy to consume a large number of calories simply by nibbling snacks throughout an entire evening.


    The facts about sugar and diabetes and why a sugar free diet is no longer the norm for people with diabetes.



    Struggling to drink eight glasses of water a day? Not sure what’s good for you when it comes to alternatives? Read on for no-nonsense, good drinking advice.


    Look here for some advice and titbits about coffee and caffeine, and a guide to the names on cafe blackboards and menus.


    For those of us who choose to drink alcohol, become aware of both the risks and the benefits.

    Special Occasions


    Take advantage of these healthy entertaining and eating tips for the festive season.

    Christmas Planning

    Find out how to make it through the holiday without any complications with your diabetes by planning ahead.


    What are alternatives to the usual temptations at Easter?


    There’s no better way to spend a sunny summer’s day than having a spontaneous picnic.

    Guides to Healthy Choices


    The sweet taste of sugar: what are the alternatives? Find out about artificial sweeteners.

    Coeliac Disease

    What is coeliac disease? Find out how to have a healthy, well-balanced diet if you have the condition.

    Serving Sizes

    How to determine serving sizes for all healthy family members, whether or not they have diabetes.

    Diet dilemma

    With the huge array of diet and weight loss books on offer, what really works?

    Dietary Supplements

    What is the evidence for the need for dietary supplements? What effects may they have on your diabetes? Elizabeth Stewart provides some answers.


    Alison Pask highlights some products labelled ‘light’ or lite’ and explains why you should be aware.

    Low Carbohydrate Diet

    Why doesn’t Diabetes New Zealand promote low carbohydrate diets? Alison Pask answers.


    Choosing the right foods will not only help keep your blood glucose levels within the desirable range but will also reduce the chance the gum disease.


    New Zealanders love travelling to warmer climes during our cold winter months. Find out how to enjoy your trip and stay healthy.